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Katsucon vs BBYO

So I have received a message from an anon asking if i had caused the brawl that almost broke out the day i was shoved by BBYO members into a wall.
I’ve decided to share my side of the story on tumblr 

First off NO i did not 

If anything i tried to avoid it

I hate arguing and i hate anything negative  I refuse to have people ruin my day and im one of those people that will always stay positive no matter what I’m also totally against violence. Putting your hands on others to harm them is disgusting.

While i was walking past the bbyo convention with my friend Emily (cosplaying rikku )this guy came up to us and asked if he could ask her something of course her being super bubbly and kind said of course so he asked his question that was completely unnecessary he asked if she was cosplaying a whore. I got a bit heated and said wtf out loud while my other friends just stood there shocked thats when i pushed my friends forcing them to walk away.
we ended up encountering him AGAIN 
this time he was walking towards us down a hall with 3 of his friends
i just looked at emily that i happened to be holding hands with and just smiled at her 
we planned to just walk pass by them and ignore them of course 
but they had a different plan 
when he passed emily and I he shoved us into the wall 
I reacted fast and had my left hand on her hips and my right around her shoulder so she wouldn’t hit the wall and get hurt which led with me having a fucked up wrist 
I got so mad i followed them but then realized it was stupid and getting upset would only give them what they want 
I honestly wanted to ignore all of this
its so stupid 
But obviously its bothering me a bit too much 
I’m not the type to get pushed around especially by stupid ignorant little kids that don’t know how to act properly I’m not saying they all were just the 4idiots that harrassed us
People need to know that the girl that was sexually assaulted wasn’t the only that got hurt and bullied
I also got hurt and maybe idk some other cosplayers did too but just wont speak up about it 

Their staff restricted Katsucon attendees from “Their” territory but did a horrid job keeping their kids from straying and leaving their convention

And i feel so terrible for my friend cause she only wore her cosplay for 20min and went back to her hotel to remove it because she was just so upset and torn up about the whole thing

I’ve already contacted BBYO via email 
and so has my friend that witnessed everything that happened 
Im hoping BBYO can own up to what happened and apologize publicly to Katsucon attenders 

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